What Is CreateTheSite?

We’re a web design / hosting agency. We create websites meaning we design them and we host them also. We’re a one stop shop for website development.

Why Do I Need A Website?

These days every business, model, and person of interest need a website to be seen these days. Without a website its just not official. It used to be that websites were out of reach for many startups but with Create The Site anybody can be official!

What Is The Difference Between You & Godaddy Or Someone Else?

With a traditional hosting company you are given space on a server and its your job to create the website, manage it, and make sure it doesn’t crash. We sit with each of our clients and design their dream website, create it, host it, and manage it so you can focus on running your business and not running a website.

Do I Register A Domain Name Or Do You Handle That?

We can register the domain name and control it on your behalf, or you can register it and point it to our servers. Your point of contact will explain how to point your domain name if you need the assistance.


Can I Have A Blog?

With our “We Do It You Update It” Package you can have a blog, and a storefront option to manage and update content. Your point of contact will explain and consult on how to update your site and best practices when it comes to managing a growing website.

If I Cancel My Subscription Can I Take My Domain Name?

Absolutely! We’re not in the domain hostage industry If you decide to move your business elsewhere we can facilitate a domain transfer to your new registrar. Most transfers can take 5-10 business days to complete. We can / will point your domain to a new server in the mean time during the process to ensure no down time happens.

Do I Get To Make Changes To My Website Once Its Done?

Absolutely! Thats the fun part. Once your website is up and running to make changes simply reach out to your dedicated point of contact at CTS to make changes and we handle the rest. You just sit back and let us handle the work for you!

Can I Have An Email Address With My Website?

Yes! With both of our packages you get email addresses. With our “We Do It Package” you get one email address. With our “We Do It You Update It” Package you get up to 4 email addresses. We also give you email marketing tools to help you reach your customer too!


How Long Does It Take To Make My Website?

Once you complete the on-boarding process with us and we consult with you on which design looks best it takes about 2 weeks to complete your website with revisions. Once its complete we press the launch button and off you go!

Can You Help Me Process Payments In My Store

Yes we offer merchant services that allow you to process payments and we pay directly to your bank account. Contact us to learn how we can assist with this.

Do You Have An Affiliate Program?

We have one of the best Affiliate Programs in the industry. No other hosting company offers a recurring affiliate commission that will pay you continually for the business you bring us! Check out our affiliate page for precise affiliate terms and commissions Click Here

If I Cancel My Subscription Can I Take My Website With Me?

The way we are able to offer such amazing pricing and support is structured by how we create websites; because of that we cannot transfer the content theme / design of your website to another hosting company. Great news is our hosting and pricing is so awesome you should never want to leave anyways.

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